Hugging not only increases love, but the body gets many health benefits

Benefits of hugs 

1- Relieve stress- When you hug someone, it relaxes you. Hugging reduces the stress level. By hugging for a long time, your cortisol levels also decrease to a great extent, which reduces stress.   

2- Mood remains happy- Hugging gives a feeling of love. When you hug someone, it also boosts the mood. By embracing the stereotyped, the problems also go away and happiness comes in the relationship. Hug for 5-10 seconds refreshes the mood and the mind starts feeling very fresh.  

3- The brain is sharp- hugging also sharpens the memory. The big reason for this is that when a person hugs someone, he feels more happy and relaxed. Due to this, the hormone oxytocin is produced in the body, which reduces stress and makes memory sharp. 
4- Blood circulation remains good – Oxygen by hugging And the blood circulation remains perfect. Hugging accelerates blood circulation, due to which the flow of oxygen in the body remains correct.  


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