Hulot accused of sexual assault: “I did not fall naked, but I had no signal”, assures Cécile Duflot


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The general director of the NGO Oxfam, Cécile Duflot was, Wednesday, received in “Your political guest” on the franceinfo channel. She referred to the accusations of sexual assault targeting Nicolas Hulot.

When she learned of the accusations of sexual assault targeting Nicolas Hulot, Cécile Duflot “did not fall from the clouds”. Invited Wednesday, December 15 of the program “Your political guest” on franceinfo, the former Minister of Housing, however, assured that he had “no signal or thing” including her “would have been a witness”.

Asked about the phrase ‘falling from the clouds’, she explained: “That means what it means, and I’ve already explained that I wouldn’t speak more publicly not because I have things to hide, but because there are times, places, people to talk about a number of things. “

In a report broadcast in “Special Envoy” on France 2 on November 25, Nicolas Hulot is accused of sexual violence by several women. “It’s always a complicated subject” declared Cécile Duflot, specifying that she does not “would be silent more” if she “was informed of situations which, from my point of view, are no longer tolerable”. “On the other hand, not being silent does not necessarily mean speaking publicly and to as many people as possible”, said the former deputy and national secretary of EELV.

“There are plenty of things we can do. To put it mildly, I was the national secretary of a party which had Denis Baupin in its midst and I had to express myself on the subject. understood in court and it was an important moment for me. Since that date, I have been absolutely rigorous “, she said about this case revealed in 2016 which had caused an earthquake within the environmental party .

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