Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wins a landslide victory in the legislative elections and is reappointed for a fourth consecutive term

His Fidesz party won 53.35% of the vote after counting 93% of the ballots, against 34.75% for the opposition coalition, according to the National Electoral Office.

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Hungarian sovereigntist leader Viktor Orban won a fourth victory in a row, much more easily than expected, on Sunday April 3 after the legislative elections. At 58, the dean of the leaders in office of the European Union faced an unprecedented and disparate alliance of six parties who wanted to put an end to twelve years of mandate of the Prime Minister. Accused by Brussels of multiple attacks on the rule of law, Viktor Orban has muzzled justice and the media over the years, while advocating an ultra-conservative vision of society.

Analysts had predicted a close battle for these legislative elections, but the results are clear: Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party won 53.35% of the vote after counting 93% of the ballots, against 34.75% for the coalition of opposition, said the National Electoral Office. With this lead, the Prime Minister is guaranteed to retain a two-thirds majority in Parliament. “We have won an exceptional victory – a victory so great that you can probably see it from the Moon, and certainly from Brussels”said all smiles Viktor Orban, used to arm wrestling with the EU.

His opponent, Peter Marki-Zay, addressed his supporters late in the evening. “I will not hide my sadness and my disappointment”, he reacted. Remaining combative, he denounced “an unequal struggle” in front of “Propaganda”, “a campaign of hate and lies”. Another surprise of the election, the young far-right party Mi Hazank exceeded the 5% threshold necessary to enter Parliament.

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