Hunting: what the 2022 presidential candidates say

Following a fatal accident on February 19, several candidates had clarified their vision of hunting. Today, they will have to defend it during a great oral before the National Federation of Hunters. France has 1.2 million practitioners who constitute a precious reservoir of votes for the presidential election.

► Emmanuel Macron, friend of hunters

During his five-year term, Emmanuel Macron established himself as the friend of hunters. The Head of State thus halved the price of the hunting license and reauthorized certain techniques condemned by the Council of State.

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Hunting is neither a sport nor a hobby but a way of life,” the president had also declared in March 2017. He had even met hunters who had taken part in a hunt on the occasion of his birthday at the Château de Chambord, a first for a French head of state in office.

► Valérie Pécresse, “stop chasing hunters”

For candidate LR, the hunt is a freedom, a passion”, “an achievement of the Revolution” that she won’t leave “unravel”. Valérie Pécresse therefore spoke out against a possible ban on weekends. However, it advocates better coexistence between hunters and walkers in the most urban areas.

During a great oral before the members of the Mouvement de la ruralité, a descendant of the Hunting, Fishing, Nature and Traditions (CPNT) party, the candidate Les Républicains also called for “stop chasing hunters”.

► Marine Le Pen, against the ban on hunting, an “ancestral tradition”

The candidate of the National Rally spoke out against the prohibition of hunting, even if she concedes “that personally there are things” who hit her. “I consider that hunting is an ancestral tradition and that it must be maintained”, added Marine Le Pen on France Inter, in the wake of the fatal accident of February 19.

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“If you prevent hunters from hunting on weekends, they will not be able to hunt because they are working (…) So we have to find a way so that walkers and hunters can safely enjoy our extraordinary domain. », she explained.

► For Éric Zemmour, the real greens are the hunters

Since the beginning of the campaign, Éric Zemmour caresses the hunters in the direction of the hair. “I don’t want anyone forbidding you to hunt. You have ancestral techniques that must be preserved and passed on,” he said on Twitter.

“The real environmentalists are you”and not “city dwellers who want hinds like in Baby »added the far-right candidate, addressing the hunters during the great oral in front of the Mouvement de la ruralité.

► Yannick Jadot wants a ministry dedicated to the animal cause

The green candidate does not wish to prohibit hunting completely (only hunting with hounds or in enclosures), but he will prohibit it on Wednesdays, weekends and public holidays. These are the days when hunters and walkers share the countryside, which increases the risk of accidents. “We need to regulate this activity more, it is urgent! », claimed Yannick Jadot after the death of the young woman on February 19.

The candidate of the Greens also wants the possession of the hunting license to be conditional on “a medical examination every five years”, but does not plead to raise the minimum age required, set at 16 years. Yannick Jadot also counts “double the price” of this permit, “since it has been halved by the government”.

► Jean-Luc Mélenchon, opposed to weekend hunting

“Hunting must not be possible on weekends and during school holidays, because that’s when the risk would be greatest”, estimated Jean-Luc Mélenchon on France 3 following the fatal accident of February 19. “Secondly, we must stop selling weapons that are so powerful. »


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