Hypnosis: when suggestion becomes medicine

DECRYPTION – Queen of theatrical illusion, hypnosis is also, and above all, a complementary therapy more and more used by caregivers. Fallen into disuse in the 1920s, it is now used to fight against pain, addictions, stress …

Catherine suffers from migraines. Since confinement, his headaches have become almost daily. A month ago, a bit by chance, and because a nurse told her about her colleague who practices hypnosis, she decided to give it a try. “I was reassured because she first explained to me that hypnosis was not going to make my migraines disappear by magic and asked me about my treatments, without telling me to stop them. Then she asked me to visualize my pain, to give it a color… Then she spoke in a somewhat monotonous voice, asked me to breathe, to imagine the path of my breathing and to project myself into a nice place for me. During the whole session, I remained conscious, I said to myself: “It doesn’t work, she will see it”, even when she took my arm, which fell back. Then I felt like sand under my eyelids. It wasn’t until the end, when she told me I was going to take a deep breath before I went out

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