At the question “how do you read? » What does the magazine ask him? Rules of the GameJean-Michel Blanquer replies that he reads “ideally from 4:30 to 6:30 a.m. or a little later, Sunday morning ideally all morning, on vacation ideally in front of the sea”. Ideally, huh. Concretely, we don’t know. Perhaps Jean-Michel Blanquer actually reads from 6:25 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. and, on Sunday mornings, buttering his sandwiches. But, ideally, he reads almost all the time. Far be it from me to throw stones at him. Oh no! It’s crazy how many things I personally manage to do, ideally. Reread all of Proust, for example. Which (to my great shame) I have never read.

→ REREAD. Marcel Proust, through the seasons

To re-read what one has never read is downright ideal squared. But what would we be, I ask you, without an ideal? Nothing, that’s what we would be. Because we are indeed “a sentimental crowd attracted by the stars, we thirst for the ideal”as Alain Souchon kills himself telling us.

→ MAINTENANCE. “One can read Proust to find the meaning of existence”

So, ideally, not only do we manage to do a lot of things, but we are brilliant, intelligent, funny, cultured, always in a good mood, always available, always optimistic, full of courage and enthusiasm, attentive and generous, we we are just perfect. Ideally, we even know, without the slightest hesitation, who we are going to vote for, in just over two months. For the ideal candidate, of course. which does exist. Ideally.


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