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Prevent birds from bumping into our windows

Busy to build their nests and to reproduce, the birds multiply the comings and goings and do not see the transparent windows of our houses. Worse still: the reflection gives them the illusion of a place to land. To prevent them from a fatal shock, you can make the obstacle visible by placing stickers on your window. The League for the Protection of Birds offers “Anti-collision friezes” for large verandas, which can be installed without glue. As a bonus on their page, advice on caring for an injured bird.



Decorate your kitchen against waste

Food losses and waste are responsible for 8 to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world between 2010 and 2016, according to the IPCC report of 2019. Too good to go – an application that allows you to recover unsold items from stores – has launched an artistic campaign to raise awareness of this scourge: a collection of 24 posters has been created by European artists. “Tips for an anti-waste kitchen”, “18 ways not to waste lemons…” Educational, funny, colorful and poetic, these posters are sold at € 12.50 or € 15. To avoid spoiling anything, the profits are donated to the UN World Food Program, which fights against food insecurity.

In the same vein, a hidden camera video was produced to raise awareness of the amount of food thrown away per year – 29 kg per French! She is also online on the app’s social networks.



Play crossword with your eyes closed

It all started when Laurent Lalet wanted to find a solution for his mother, who was losing her sight. Passionate about crosswords, this former engineer from Béarn has created a word game application for the visually impaired and blind called “Mot J’écoute”. Both tactile and vocal, with three different letter sizes, the platform allows older people in particular to stimulate their cognitive abilities… and not to get bored.

Apple Store and Google Play



Participate in the cleaning of a district of Paris

Beer cans, metro tickets, but above all cigarette butts are among the millions of garbage that litter the Parisian asphalt. To fight against this pollution, the volunteers of the Japanese association Green Bird meet once a month to collect waste in a district of Paris or its nearby suburbs. If the association was born from the initiative of Japanese expatriates, all goodwill is welcome.

Facebook Green Bird Paris



Walking for positive ecology

“Draw me your planet”, the traveling exhibition organized in the Château de la Bourdaisière (Indre-et-Loire) by the Maison Deyrolle is scheduled until November 15. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Little Prince, young and old visitors will stroll through a course of ten stages, with sensory and immersive installations around ecological issues. Through the gardens and cellars of the castle, in the interwoven universe of Little Prince and naturalist boards from Deyrolle, they will learn how to take care of the planet and people. A beautiful illustrated book, published by Actes Sud, and composed of texts by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Baptiste Morizot and other committed personalities accompanies the event.



Fight against student precariousness

Babysitting, giving private lessons or helping out with shopping. More than ever, we need the services of students and these odd jobs are often their only source of income. In this state of mind, Maeva Bayou founded the S’tudiant site, a platform to link students and individuals. “I am trying to modernize the board of classifieds that we find in each university, or even transpose it to our smartphone screens”, she explains. Registration is free, but it is possible for € 1.99 to increase the visibility of an individual’s ad, or a student’s profile. The site already has around 5,000 users, 70% students and 30% individuals.



Dress up your sneakers

What are the best shoes for the planet? The ones you have on your feet! To keep them for a long time, Veja, a sneaker brand, launched in June a space to clean and repair its old pairs, at a cost ranging from € 5 to change eyelets to € 50 for a complete resoling. Located in the heart of Darwin, a former Bordeaux barracks, Veja X Darwin also sells shoes with minimal defects at reduced prices, and pairs from old collections.


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