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Mutual aid

Support Afghan journalists arriving in France

Threatened in their country, several dozen Afghan media professionals have already arrived in France. In Paris, the House of Journalists, dedicated to supporting journalists who have taken refuge in France, needs money to accommodate them, feed them and help them make their voices heard here again, in particular through interventions in schools. She is also looking for apartments available free of charge in Paris. Or read and promote your newspaper online, The eye, where journalists express themselves, it is also to bring the freedom of the press to life.



Finding help for caregivers

When his spouse, his child, his parent, his friend or his neighbor is sick, in a situation of handicap or in loss of autonomy, he asks for a great availability. The caregiver, who finds himself accompanying him regularly or even daily, also needs help, so as not to exhaust himself, to forget himself, to be forgotten. It is also necessary to navigate between all the existing mechanisms and actors, whether institutional or associative. The For Dummies collection covers the issue with a wealth of advice, up-to-date information on the latest legislative provisions and contacts, in an opus written by two caregivers.

The Close Helpers for Dummies, by Marina Al Rubaee and Jean Ruch. First, 240 p., € 11.95



Measure the impact of your business on biodiversity

Managing a business while trying to make a contribution to the preservation of nature is possible. WWF France and the ecological accounting chair of the AgroParisTech Foundation are launching the “Natural capital lab”. This network of entrepreneurs is experimenting with financial accounting tools integrating natural capital and human capital, learning to assess the impact of their activity on nature, and to define environmental sustainability objectives in their territory. (keywords: natural capital)



Provide access to IT

Both in its organization and in its action, the Aciah association (Accessibility, communication, information, support for the disabled) participates in the inclusion of people with disabilities: two visually impaired and one blind out of the five members of its office, four visually impaired and two blind out of the twelve members of its board of directors … Based in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), it organizes computer workshops for the visually impaired by promoting an adapted system, with more shortcuts keyboard: AccessDVLinux. With sometimes stiff fingers, difficulty handling a mouse or finding their way on a screen, the elderly are also concerned by these training courses offered in Châteaubriant and in the surrounding villages.



Breaking the taboo around cancer

In France, cancers are the leading cause of death in men, the second in women. By editing Rose Magazine, the RoseUp association responds to the many questions of a part of the population confronted, by itself or through its entourage, with these health issues. The fruit of reports, surveys, analysis papers available online free of charge, the magazine, which aims to be “Upscale and feminine”, wide breaststroke. Its columns evoke the theme through very different angles and stories. The psychos or fashion pages are also designed for a readership closely concerned by these health problems.



Understanding the revelations about sexual abuse in the Church

Tuesday, October 5, the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church (Ciase), chaired by Jean-Marc Sauvé, submitted its report revealing the existence of 330,000 underage victims since 1950. This work of more than two years is fully consultable by downloading the report and victims’ testimonies free of charge from

The submission of the report was broadcast live on KTO and can be viewed on YouTube in replay ( Olivia Mons, spokesperson for the France Victimes federation and Jean-Marc Sauvé, president of Ciase, among others, take the floor and shed valuable light. Here are also the places where it is possible to act and testify:

• The French Bishops’ Conference (CEF) launched a site against child crime in 2016 ,, and the Conference of Religious Men and Women of France (Corref) opened an e-mail address, ecoutevictimes @ corref. Fr

• France Victimes ( calls back the emergency number for victims, 166 006, available every day from 9 am to 7 pm, with the possibility of leaving a voice message outside of these hours.

• Parler et revivre (, an association founded by Olivier Savignac, of the collective of victims Faith and Resilience, which was the victim of a pedophile priest in adolescence, allows victims to be listened to and supported .

On Twitter, lay Catholics launched a mobilization with the hashtag #MyChurchToo, to express their support for victims of sexual abuse in the Church, and to urge the bishops of France to implement the measures of the Sauvé commission.



Knitting for the Telethon

1,000 knitters across France took up the first challenge: to knit a scarf of more than three kilometers to be deployed on the Saint-Nazaire bridge on October 24. For the local branch of the AFM Téléthon and the association Agir avec les residiaux, at the origin of the initiative, the following objective is to have the 9,588 knitted rectangles sponsored to raise € 45,000, for the benefit of the Telethon. The funds will thus support research on orphan diseases. On D-Day, the call is made for 2,000 volunteers to unroll and support the scarf all along the bridge, open to pedestrians for the occasion. And once the action is over, the scarf will be turned into 400 woolen blankets, which will be donated to charities.

Free participation and registration until October 17 on



Channeling children’s anger

In this book, we always start with a story that teaches children to do yoga positions, whether they are shy or angry. The yoga sessions last from ten to forty-five minutes, in the company of the character Nilou that we tame. Without warning, this comrade allows the little reader to understand why he cannot play, how to manage to breathe again. The child quickly gets used to the game. The positions are easy to do and the illustrations are fun. This book was designed to manage the emotions of the little ones, but it also works for parents… Even if they don’t know anything about yoga!

Nilou is angry, by Eva Lastra and Océane Meklemberg, La Marmotière, 32 p., € 13. From 3 years. There is also Nilou is shy, Nilou is afraid, Nilou is overexcited …


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