Ideas for action


Join an association

Before the Covid-19 crisis, 23.5 million French people practiced an associative activity every week, whether cultural, environmental, sporting or helping people in need. But associative commitment has faded due to confinements and barrier gestures to be respected. To regain momentum, the associative movement and Hexopée launched the campaign “My association, I adore it, I adhere to it! », With the support of the Secretary of State for Youth and Engagement, to encourage citizens to participate again. If you are interested, the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul society, for example, is looking for 1,200 volunteers to maintain its actions in the field with the poor. Emmaüs Connect, which allows people in social and digital precarious situations to access online tools, is also looking for volunteers for various missions: digital workshop trainers, ambassadors, etc. Whatever free time they have, three hours per month or two hours per week, there is something for everyone!



Make young people think

If, during the holidays, the teenagers around you are the type to hit stones while chewing gum, here is a great idea to occupy them: the Observatory of inequalities awaits their presidential program for a more just society. “If I were president …” What would I do, actually? This is the theme of the Youth Prize for Equality and to participate, you must be at least two, be between 11 and 25 years old, and send a video or a poster to share your ideas. The competition is open until the end of January 2022, but you might as well get started now, right?



Speak out for human rights

High school students, take your feathers! The Caen Memorial launches the 25e edition of its moot court competition on the defense of human rights, open to second, first and final students of all sectors. Candidates will be invited to display their verve on a situation of violation of human rights of their choice, concrete and topical. During the final in March, the grand jury of high school students will meet at the Memorial and remotely to determine the winner based on specific criteria. The experience will be an opportunity to use their analytical skills, to become aware of human rights abuses and, even, to train for the grand oral of the bac.

Registration until December 3 on [email protected]



Better integrate refugees

After the evacuation of 900 migrants from a disused high school in the 19e arrondissement of Paris, in 2015, the Migrant Reception and Support Office was founded to receive and integrate with dignity refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. Whether it is to teach French, provide legal support, help with administrative paperwork, find a job, participate in cultural or sporting events, the means of joining the association and meeting these exiles in the capital s’ are multiple and as fulfilling as they are instructive.



Support the Order of Malta France

The association helping people weakened by illness, insecurity, age or disability, sells limited edition stamps in its online store. A booklet of 8 stamps (for “20 g France priority letter” franking) costs € 18. These stamps show the values ​​dear to the association: welcome, care, help, support. Above all, this donation makes it possible to contribute to the actions carried out by the Order of Malta France.



Passing on the crafts

By launching, at the end of September, the restoration of the Royal Chapel of Saint-Hubert, the Château d’Amboise (Indre-et-Loire) killed two birds with one stone. The Saint-Louis Foundation, owner of the monument, seized this opportunity to make it an educational project. Visitors can discover craftsmen at work to renew the framework, the art plumbing or restore the spire adorned with carved deer antlers. The goal ? To awaken the youngest to crafts and transform the view of parents on these manual channels of excellence.



Caring for people and the earth

This is the theme of the 2021 meeting of Social Weeks, which returns online from November 26 to 28, and at the Palais des Congrès de Versailles on the last day. Among the topics covered in the workshops, conferences and debates: the pandemic and its consequences for the future, the regulation of demography, the climate and digital technology, the ecological challenge or even the internal and personal resources of each individual. Many experts will intervene, such as the philosopher Frédéric Worms, the theologian Monique Baujard or Andrea Riccardi, founder of the community of Sant’Egidio. As a compass, this sentence of Pope Francis in Laudato si ‘ : “It is about opening the way to different opportunities which do not involve stopping man’s creativity and his dream of progress, but directing this energy towards new paths. “


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