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Cultivating agroecology

The association Terre et Humanisme distributes a free digital guide to learn about agroecology, this agricultural technique respectful of the earth and its ecosystem. Now is the time to get started in gardening with lots of tips on how to learn how to find the most fertile ground in your garden or how to plant the seeds.



Restoring dialogue in times of health crisis

The Covid-19 crisis is exacerbating tensions within families, in the workplace but also in public debate. A crisis line has been open since mid-September, run by around forty professional mediators from the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation (CPMN), for people who wish to benefit from free mediation. Discussions are confidential and open to all concerns. “We try to dispassionate the debates and bring a rational reflection”, indicates Édith Delbreil Sikorzinski, at the initiative of this helpline. Mediations are organized face-to-face, by videoconference or by telephone. Often, one interview is enough to reestablish the dialogue, but it is quite possible to benefit from several listenings. Sometimes the support can even go further. Mediator Édith Delbreil Sikorzinski has already coordinated a peaceful discussion between a boss and his employee, who were in total disagreement. Since its launch, nearly two hundred listening hours have been recorded.



Support students in difficulty

Over the course of a school career, the choice of work-study programs and paid internships are often essential for the daily life and professional integration of students in financial difficulties. But how do you get closer to a business when you have no network? Launched this year in Lyon, the Propulseo program offers partner companies the opportunity to help isolated young people, offering a professional opportunity, mentoring or a scholarship. The objective: to contribute to equal opportunities in higher education.



Hunt for infox

“Invent a plot about evil pigeons. On a disturbing background music, tell how they fomented a plot to pluck us, infect us and dominate us… ” The instruction of this game may surprise, but it is an educational activity proposed in the book Stop manipulation, in order to make young Internet users aware of the spread of false information. Many tips are provided to recognize a deliberately truncated photo or infox. This work published by Bayard (publisher of La Croix L’Hebdo) also allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a journalist and understand the behind the scenes of the profession.

Stop manipulation. Understanding info, deciphering fake news, by Rose-Marie Farinella and Estelle Warin, illustrated by Dume, Bayard Jeunesse, € 12.90. From 10 years old



Reuse disposable masks

It is not because the masks are disposable that they must necessarily be thrown away! This is what a recent scientific study tells us, according to which surgical masks retain their filtering power and their breathability after ten machine passes. If we use them ten times as much, we throw away ten times less, and that’s always a win for the environment when, according to the UN, 1.5 billion masks have already ended up in the oceans … fabrics remain less harmful to the environment, but the study points out that they have less filtering power than surgical masks, even washed.



Opt for digital sobriety

We tend to forget it, the carbon footprint is not reserved for the material world: according to the latest study by the association The Shift Project, the digital sector represents about 4% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Created this year in Annecy, the digital agency GreenAssembly offers its clients the opportunity to design “ecological” websites: from design to maintenance, including hosting or development, each aspect is designed to reduce its impact as much as possible. on the environment.



Breathe life into your daily life

Since September, RCF and the Thomas More Leadership Institute have been offering “Breath of Life”, a Christian personal development podcast designed as a journey for “Unify his life”. How to be in harmony with oneself to better welcome the other? How to discover his vocation to adjust his relationship to the world? By encouraging the listener to immerse themselves in their personal experience through a memory, a meeting or a conversation, each episode provides a few keys to increase their freedom and openness. (keyword: breath)



Treat yourself to a solidarity water bottle

The French brand Qwetch, specialist in reusable stainless steel containers, and the environmental association For My Planet are joining forces to launch a waste reduction project led by French and Greenlandic schoolchildren. For any purchase of an insulated bottle from the “Banquise” range, 2 euros are donated to the For My Planet association. (“E-shop”, “Solidarity” tab, then click on “Polar bear”)

From 31 €


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