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Provide meals to students

The restaurant Le Reflet puts its hand in the dough to help the younger generations. The brand offers, in Nantes and Paris, a complete, balanced meal for 1 euro, for students. Solidarity is spreading and causes are mixed in this atypical establishment, which employs a majority of people with Down’s syndrome. Several times a week, students can now reserve their menu on the restaurant’s website and come and collect their meal, school card in hand!



Choose healthier products

The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir, well known for its tests and alerts on many products, offers a free application, QuelProduit, to easily identify healthy references, and those that are less so. All you have to do is scan the barcode of the product or type in its name to find out its nutritional quality and additives (food section), allergenic substances (cosmetics section) and harmful substances (household products section). And when you come across a product that is not very tasty, healthier alternatives are offered. Good health this way!

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Allow the children of Armenia to dream

Geneviève Patte is a librarian specializing in youth, and has worked for years to promote reading to children who are far from it. Among its latest initiatives, a movement launched in five cities of Armenia to allow children to escape thanks to books. On site, volunteers roam the streets and read to the youngest, at the same time inviting them to reflect on the texts read to them. Today, Geneviève dreams of being able to build a place on site where children could take refuge to read and meet, sheltered from external violence. If you would like to support this project, whether you are a librarian or not, please do not hesitate to write him an email.

[email protected]



Support nursing home staff

Since 1946, the Little Brothers of the Poor have been fighting against the isolation and loneliness of the elderly in precarious situations. Very affected by the effects of the health crisis, these populations today find themselves even more deprived of social ties. To counter their loneliness, the little brothers of the Poor are looking for volunteers who can support the staff of the nursing homes in welcoming visitors. In pairs, you will help organize the coming of relatives, and can participate from time to time in animation missions with the elderly. Please note, face-to-face missions only, on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons.



Free children’s speech

Putting words on the ailments. In French classrooms, each year, around 700,000 students are victims of school bullying. Many other minors suffer from child abuse and suffer physical, sexual and psychological violence. To free the word of children, the association Les papillons tries to mesh the French territory with letter boxes, arranged in schools and sports clubs. The association is still looking for volunteers to collect letters and retrieve distress messages from the youngest in several regions. You can support the development of the project and act in favor of children on their site.



Supporting refugees towards employment

Known for its architecture and its rugby club, Clermont-Ferrand is also known for its active associative network, a vector of welcome and integration. The Pietra module, from the CeCler association, goes in this direction. It allows people benefiting from international protection or refugee status to integrate more easily into the labor market. In the Puy-de-Dôme, the approach promotes dialogue with the employers of the department. Beneficiaries of the system can access, free of charge, personalized and adapted support, for up to twelve months. An often precious relay. Since the implementation of the project, 52% of the people followed have been able to find a positive exit – CDI, CDD, qualifying training. The association always wishes to develop its network of partners, companies and volunteers and can also receive donations via its site.



Collect food

In times of Covid-19, solidarity is organized. The diaconia service of the diocese of Valence calls for generosity and launches the “Brother’s Basket”. Every Sunday in the Drôme, at the end of mass, parishioners are invited to fill baskets with non-perishable foodstuffs such as rice, pasta or flour. Food is then distributed through local associations such as the Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and delegations from the Red Cross and Restos du cœur in the department. Food and hygiene products can also be dropped off at the diocesan house in Valence, during the week, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Listening to changes in the textile industry

On leaving the first confinement, several intellectuals, thinkers and philosophers called for a change in economic and social paradigms. What about businesses? To give meaning to this reflection, Ekopo, the online medium of the positive economy, has decided to launch the podcast “Their reason for being”. At the microphone of journalist Nathalie Croisé, entrepreneurs parade every Friday to talk about changes in the textile industry, to discuss the field of delivery or the growing use of the principles of the circular economy. A digestible format of fifteen minutes on committed initiatives, sometimes green, often virtuous.


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