If the child’s hair is to be shaved, then keep these things in mind

Hair Shaving Tips for Children: While some people shave the child’s hair to avoid the heat, many people do so for the good growth of the child’s hair. Whatever be the reason, it is very important to be careful before removing the hair of the child. The skin of a small child’s scalp is very delicate, so coming in contact with the blade increases the risk of skin problems. If you are also thinking of getting a razor on the child’s head, then it is very important that some things should be kept in mind-

  • If the child has fever, cold-cough and stomach related problems, then do not remove the hair.
  • Whenever the hair is removed from the head of the child, choose a professional hair expert.
  • Also, make sure that the blade that is being used is completely new or not so that the child does not get any kind of infection.
  • Keep in mind that the hands of the child who is removing the hair are clean, there should not be any kind of dirt in the nails.
  • Small children are not able to keep their head in the same position, so hold them well and sit. So that the blade does not hit the head.
  • Give the baby a bath immediately after the hair is removed. With this, the hair stuck on the body and clothes of the child will be cleaned.
  • Before removing the hair, fill the child’s stomach, that means feed milk or feed food. So that the child does not cry because of hunger.
  • The baby’s scalp is very soft, so instead of shampoo, use a mixture of water and milk.
  • Do not massage the child’s head immediately after the hair is removed, but massage it with oil after a few days.
  • If there is swelling, redness and other skin problems in the child’s head after hair removal, then see a doctor.

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Parenting Tips: If you also do such things to children, then be careful, otherwise there can be huge loss


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