If the smell of sweat comes in summer, follow these easy tips, you will get rid of it in a pinch

Summer Skin Care Tips: Many problems have to be faced in the summer season. Sweating from the body is a normal process in this season. Due to sweating, all the skin pores present in the body are cleaned automatically. But, sometimes excessive sweating and smell can cause problems for us. Summer sweats can be a cause of embarrassment for us. But, do you know what causes bad breath?

Let us tell you that to keep the body cool in summer, sweat comes out from the body. This lowers the body temperature. But, due to sweat, moisture comes on the body. Bacteria start to grow in this moisture. Due to bacteria, body odor starts coming. If you also have to face embarrassment in summers due to sweating, then we have brought some home remedies for you, from which you can get rid of it. So let us tell you about this-

1. Remove odor with the help of potatoes
Let us tell you that potatoes are considered to be the natural cleanser of the body. It removes all the dirt present in the skin. It gets rid of body odour. Every day while taking a bath, rub slices of raw potato in those parts of the body where you sweat the most. This removes the problem of sweat and smell. Apart from this, you can also take a bath by adding mint leaves and alum to the bath water. By doing this you will feel cool and fresh.

2. Remove odor with the help of lemon
Lemon juice helps in removing body odour. Along with this, it also helps in removing the problem of sweating. Every day before taking a bath, take a bath by mixing lemon juice and rose water in water. The problem of sweat and smell will go away.

3. Remove odor with the help of ice
With the help of ice, the problem of sweat and odor can also be removed. If you have a problem with excessive sweating, then first of all you take a piece of ice and rub it on those parts of the body where you sweat more. Your sweat and smell problem will go away.

4. Remove odor with the help of cucumber
If such properties are found in cucumber, it removes the problem of sweating. In summer, after bathing, rub cold cucumber on the sweaty places. With this, the problem of sweating will go away and you will also fill fresh.

5. Remove odor with the help of bay leaves
If you sweat a lot in summer, then keep bay leaves in your kitchen and grind them to remove it. After this, after bathing, put it on the body and leave it. This will reduce sweating and the problem of odor will also go away.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that ABPLive.com does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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