If the sound of jaggery comes from the stomach, then know that there are indications of these diseases.

Stomach Sounds: Many times you must have felt that the sound of jaggery comes from the stomach, we simply ignore this sound. Do you know that such sounds coming from the stomach can also be a sign of many diseases. By the way, voice coming from the stomach is a common thing. Sometimes when the stomach is empty, such a sound comes. Even if there is gas in the stomach, the sound of jaggery comes. This problem occurs even when the stomach is upset, but even after taking medicines, if such a sound comes in the stomach, then it can also be a sign of a dangerous disease like cancer. If you have such a problem in the stomach for a long time, then do not ignore it. You should immediately consult a doctor. Let us know why there is a sound of jaggery in the stomach in general.

1- Stomach gas- If you have gas problem then it is common to get such sound from stomach. When gas is passed in the intestines, it seems as if air is moving. During this many times the sound of jaggery starts coming from the stomach. If the gas is passed then these sounds stop. To avoid this, you should avoid eating oily and sugary foods.

2- The sound of empty stomach- Many times, when someone is hungry for a long time, even then a strange sound starts coming from the stomach. If you have a lot of stomach sounds, then it can also be an allergy to sucrose and gluten. If there is more problem then you can consult a doctor.

Is it normal to have stomach sounds?
If there is gurgling or any kind of sound in your stomach, then it is not a matter of many panic. This is absolutely normal and natural, but if you are experiencing stomach pain, nausea and vomiting along with the sound of the stomach, then consult a doctor. You may have some kind of bacterial infection in the stomach.

Stomach gas
If you are having gas in the stomach, due to which the sound of gas moving is coming, then you do not need to worry. For this, do a brisk walk every morning for a while. Eat such things in the food so that there is no problem of gas in the stomach. Reduce soda intake. Eat lots of raw and sautéed vegetables in food. This will set your stomach.

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