If there is a plan to get hair keratin treatment, then know its advantages and disadvantages

What is Hair Keratin Treatment?
The full name of this treatment is Keratin Protein and it helps in making hair smooth, shining and straight. Actually, in today’s lifestyle, due to sunlight, pollution etc., hair starts getting tangled, breakage, frizzy. The reason for this is also the low amount of protein in the hair. Due to this the hair starts facing many problems. In such a situation, the hair does not get the necessary elements and this treatment fulfills this deficiency. Through this treatment, artificial keratin is added to the hair, in this way the protein in the hair starts to be restored and the hair looks silky, shiny, settled. This treatment removes all hair problems. 

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

1- This makes the hair easier to manage, which increases the smoothness of the hair.

2- Hair looks silky, shiny and glossy after this treatment.

3- It straightens the hair, which makes it easy for you to create different hairstyles.

4- It protects the hair from the rays of the sun and pollution, as well as the hair does not get tangled.

Disadvantages of Keratin Treatment

1- After this treatment, the hair starts becoming oily and greasy quickly.

2- After this treatment, you can no longer use hair products of your choice.

3- It straightens the hair so much that the volume disappears from the hair.

4- You cannot even wash your hair for a few days after getting this treatment.

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