If there is a problem in wearing mask and glasses together, then follow these tricks

Mask and Glasses: Corona is not completely gone yet. This is the reason why sensible people do not want to take any care about their health and wear masks before leaving the house with full vigilance. Which is a very good habit. People who wear glasses have to face a special problem while wearing masks. For example, after wearing the glasses after wearing the mask, fogging occurs on the lens of the glasses. Due to this, there is complete blur in front of the eyes.

This problem of fogging on glasses occurs the most in the winter season. Because during that time steam is coming out of the mouth. But this problem also occurs during summer and rain because the air coming out of our mouth during breathing and talking becomes hot, which becomes the cause of fog on the lens of the glasses. In order to be more comfortable from the point of view of such safety, it would have been necessary to adopt such a method, so that wearing a mask and glasses together does not cause the problem of fogging. So here such methods are being told.

follow this method

Tissue Paper Hack: Take a tissue paper and wrap it with a width of half an inch. Now put this thin strip of tissue paper in the upper part of the mask over the nose and wear the mask from above. By doing this there will be no problem of fogging on your glasses.

Take this mask: Buy a mask for yourself, which has a metal or adjustable plastic wire or thin strip on the top. This wire or strip is meant to fit the mask properly on the nose. Fix it properly so that the air from the mouth does not reach the lens.

Lens cleaning: Make sure to clean the lenses every day. Because on the lenses on which grease or dirt accumulates, fogging lasts longer on them. Whereas it disappears immediately from the clean lens. Also, do not touch your lens again and again. Due to this, it gets dirty quickly and the problem of fogging also increases.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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