If there is no time to go to the gym, then make your pillow an exercise tool, do this exercise at home

Nowadays, there is so much work in everyone’s life that they do not get time to take care of their body. On the other hand, obesity is also increasing due to diet and routine. There is a lack of time on some people, due to which people keep looking for many ways to lose weight. You must exercise regularly to stay fit. If you are not able to go to the gym, then you can exercise by using a pillow. With the help of pillows, you can exercise in many ways while sitting at home. For this, there should be a square pillow and a pillow of slightly smaller size. Know how a pillow will help you lose weight.

what exercises to do with a pillow

squat toss

Squat toss not only does upper body exercise but can also do lower body exercise.

How to do
1- Toss the pillow up and down
2- While doing squats, go up and keep tossing the pillow
3- Take the pillow back in your hands and while doing squats, sit while taking the pillow down.
4- Keep doing this exercise for 30 seconds.
5- Take a break of 20 seconds every time you do 1 set.

Wall Seat Pillow Fly
Flying the wall seat pillow will exercise the upper body as well as the lower body. In this, the position of the feet will remain the same, just keep moving your hands and you have to sit on your feet.

How to do
1- First sit in the same position
2- Seat the Wall
3- Take the pillow in hand
4- Now take the pillow above the head, then move it in the same way to the right and then simultaneously to the left.
Keep doing this for 5- 30 seconds.
6- Every time doing 1 set, take a break of 20 seconds

Wall Seat Chest Press
Pressing the wall seat chest will do the lower body exercise.

How to do
1- Take the support of the wall and sit in the squat position i.e. on the knees.
2- Due to this, the full effect of the whole will be on the thighs, due to which your obesity will be reduced.
3- While doing this exercise, hold the pillow between your two hands.
4- While doing this, keep moving the hands back and forth and keep in mind that do not turn.

wall squat
By doing wall squats, along with the lower body, the legs can also be toned. know how

How to do
1- Keep the pillow close to the tail bone and then attach it to the wall.
2- After doing this, do squats but keep in mind that the pillow should not fall.
3- This will put emphasis on the feet and the legs will be tone

side slam
By doing side slams exercise will be done as well as stress will also be reduced. This is an upper body exercise.

How to do
1- Take a pillow and hit the wall hard.
2- Do it with the left hand first, then immediately after 20 seconds do it with the right hands.
3- This reduces arm fat and also improves back fat.

high knee exercise
Exercising high knees is a full body exercise. And the feet also come in shape.

How to do
1- Take the pillow, hold it with both the palms and keep in mind that you hold it straight.
2- Now while doing this, do normal high knee exercise, that is, lift the knees one at a time.
3- As soon as you lift the knee, take the hands down and whenever the knees are raised, move the hands upwards.
4- Keep doing it for 30 seconds
5- Take a break of 20 seconds every time you do 1 set.

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