If you are not being used in a relationship, know like this

Relationship Tips in Hindi: Do you feel the depth of the relationship by heart or do you feel that something wrong is happening with you. Sometimes in the relationships we maintain from the heart, we feel as if we are being used. This feeling can make you weak as well as insecure. In this type of relationship, only one person bears the burden of the relationship. This type of relationship is also not good for mental health. Know from these signs that you are not trapped in such a relationship.

You pay every time- If you do the expenses of lunch, dinner and shopping every time or you have to pay more to give your share and they may be less then you are being used in the relationship. Maybe you feel this thing from inside but you are hesitant to say that if it doesn’t spoil your relationship. If you are in a relationship then no one should bear the burden of expenses every time.

Do not engage in conversation If your partner does not include you in every conversation, then you may feel lonely at times. Sometimes it can work, but every time this habit of theirs can feel bad for the heart. If most conversations start with them and end with them and you are not able to be a part of that conversation, then know that you are being used to lighten your heart.

refrain from saying thank you It is natural to feel bad if you do not get any appreciation in return for carrying out the relationship sincerely. Whatever you do, but the partner never says thank you, then it is very toxic for any relationship. In a relationship, it is necessary to know the gratitude of both the people. By saying thank you to each other, things get resolved easily.

Emotional needs not being met When two people are in a relationship, they take care of each other’s emotional needs. But if only you are doing this in the relationship and you are not getting this from your partner, then understand that you are alone in this relationship.

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