If you do not like any name for the daughter, then see this list

Cute Names for Baby Girl: The most difficult task for a parent is to name their children, because all parents wish to name their child in such a way that it is the most unique, so we have come up with such names for your baby girl. List, after seeing which you will also say that you were looking for such a name for your flower girl.

If you name your daughter with A then Advvika can be a good option as it means very special. Advika means the world, the earth or the unique.
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Chhavi means shadow or shadow, i.e. if you want to name your daughter then image can be a good option.
If Lakshmi has come to your house then Dhriti can be a good option. Dhriti means to hold or to receive.
Mishka is a very unique name which means gift of love.
Prisha is a good option for you if you want to name your daughter which means love.
This is a very stylish name which sounds quite classy which means enchanting or the girl who has got the blessings of God.
If you are looking for a unique name for your daughter then Kashni can be a great option for you which means shining. The name Kashvi would look lovely for your cute princess.

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