If you want to get a figure like Kiara Advani, then follow her fitness routine, what the actress eats during the day, learn here

Actress Kiara Advani, who gained immense popularity by playing the role of ‘Preity’ in the film ‘Kabir Singh’ released in 2019, is very cautious about her fitness and health. However, Kiara is one of those lucky people whose weight does not increase quickly, due to which she can eat whatever she wants but in the limit. You will be surprised to know that Chocolate loves Kiara very much. However, Kiara follows a strict fitness routine to keep her body healthy and in shape.

Diet routine of Kiara Advani- Actress Kiara Advani takes less sodium in her food. He loves to eat nuts and fresh fruits. Kiara tries to keep herself away from the market food as much as possible and gives priority to food made at home.

Breakfast: Kiara Advani starts her day with lemon in a glass of warm water. According to him, this is the perfect morning detox. After this, she takes the fruit with a bowl of oats. Kiara usually includes fruits like apples and bananas in her breakfast. However, depending on the season, she also changes it.

Lunch: Kiara is a fan of homemade food. She likes to eat sprouts such as lentils, chapattis, spinach, okra, pumpkin and even sprouted grains at lunch.

Dinner: Kiara likes to eat omega-3 and protein in the actress’s dinner routine. Kiara likes to eat sea food at dinner.

Pre-workout: Kiara loves to eat her pre-workout. She usually likes to eat apple slices with peanut butter.

Exercise routine of Kiara Advani-Kiara Advani’s workout routine includes gym-related activities. Apart from this, Kiara also resorts to dancing and kickboxing to stay fit. In addition, Kiara also performs Pilates, Squats, Functional Training and Cardio to make her body toned and flexible.

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