If you want to make something special on the weekend, then try Paneer Tikka Momos

Paneer Tikka Momos Recipe: If you are fond of eating momos and you want to eat something special on weekends, then you can try Paneer Tikka Momos. Most people like to eat momos. In today’s time, everyone from child to elder is fond of eating momos. At the same time, you must have eaten plain momos but Paneer Tikka Momos are delicious and different to eat. Let us then know the recipe of making Paneer Tikka Momos-

Ingredients for making Paneer Tikka Momos

One cup flour, salt, 100 grams paneer, one teaspoon cream, half teaspoon tandoori masala, half teaspoon garam masala, half teaspoon cumin powder, half teaspoon red chili, half teaspoon chaat masala, half teaspoon lemon juice.

Paneer Tikka Momos Recipe

Mix salt in the flour and knead it with the help of water according to the need. Keep it covered for 2 hours. After this, to prepare the filling of paneer tikka, put a vessel on the gas, add small pieces of paneer, cream, tandoori masala, cumin powder, red chili powder, chaat masala, salt and lemon juice, mix it and cook for 15 minutes. Leave it for

After this heat the pan and let the paneer tikka masala cool down. Keep water in a momo steamer or idli for heating. After this, cut small balls from the kneaded flour and roll them. After this, put one spoon each of the prepared fillings in them and make momos. Cover the filled momos with a wet cotton cloth so that the momos do not dry out. Apply light oil on momo steamer and keep momos in it and cook for ten to 15 minutes, then in this way your paneer tikka momos are ready.

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