If you will do any work in these auspicious yoga, then you will definitely get benefit.

Benefit of Auspicious Yoga: Many times where some work does not give auspicious results even after hard work. At the same time, there are some such tasks, which become successful without hard work. After all, why this happens, this thing comes to mind many times, but we do not understand what is the reason behind it? According to astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs and 27 yogas, which are related with all the work related to our daily life. Out of 27 yogas, a total of 9 yogas are considered inauspicious. In which auspicious works are not done. It is because of these yogas that work gets created and deteriorated.

Learn Auspicious and Inauspicious Yoga

good yoga

Preeti Yoga
The work done in this yoga gives respect. Apart from this, this yoga is also auspicious for settling disputes or making compromises.

ayushman yoga
The work done in this yoga keeps giving auspicious results for a long time. One who gives happiness throughout life.

Saubhagya Yoga
Marriage done in this yoga keeps married life happy. That is why it is also called Mangal Dayak Yoga.

Shobhan Yoga
The journey started in this yoga remains auspicious and pleasant. There is no inconvenience on the way, the wish with which the journey is done is successful.

Sukarma Yoga
There is no obstacle in the work done in this yoga and the work is auspicious. This yoga is very good for taking the name of God or doing good deeds.

Dhriti Yoga
The foundation stone placed in this yoga gives lifelong comforts. If the foundation stone of the house is done in this yoga, then the person leads a happy life.

increase sum
The work done in this yoga only increases. This yoga is the best. There is neither any hindrance nor any quarrel in the work done in this yoga.

Dhruva Yoga
In this yoga, success is achieved by constructing any building or building etc. But any unstable work is not right in this yoga.

Harshaan Yoga
The work done in this yoga gives happiness only. However, in this yoga, one should not do phantom karma i.e. actions that celebrate ancestors.

siddhi yoga
This yoga is very good for taking the name of the Lord or for the accomplishment of mantras. Whatever work is started in this yoga, you will definitely get success.

Varian Yoga
Good work can be done in this yoga, it will give success. However, in this yoga, Pitru Karma is not performed in any way.

Shiva Yoga
All the mantras performed in this yoga are auspicious. If the name of the Lord is taken in this yoga, then success is achieved.

Siddha Yoga
If you are thinking of learning any work in this yoga, then it will prove to be successful. This is the best yoga for chanting mantras after taking mantra initiation from a yoga guru.

achievable yoga
This yoga is very good for learning vidya or any method from someone. Success is achieved in learning or doing work in this yoga.

good yoga
By doing any work in this yoga, a person becomes great and attains fame.

shukla yoga
This yoga is considered like a sweet moonlit night. In this yoga, the grace of the Guru or the Lord definitely rains and the mantras are also proved.

brahma yoga
This yoga is very beneficial if you want to do any peaceful work or resolve someone’s quarrel etc.

indra yoga
If the work of any state side is stalled, then it will be completed by doing it in this yoga. Do such work in the morning, afternoon or evening only and not at night.

inauspicious yoga

Vishkumbh Yoga
Any work done in this yoga is like poison, that is, the results of the work done in this yoga are inauspicious.

The work done in this yoga is painful. Therefore, no auspicious or auspicious work should be done in this yoga nor any new work should be started.

shool yoga
The work done in this yoga brings misery everywhere. No work is ever completed in this yoga. Therefore, do not do any work in this yoga, otherwise you will regret it throughout your life.

Ganda Yoga
Obstacles arise in every work done in this yoga. The work done in this yoga gets entangled in such a way that it is difficult to solve, so before starting any new work, one must meditate on Gand Yoga.

strike yoga
If any work is done in this yoga, then there will be obstacles as well as the person will have to bear the trauma. Even if a person goes to do good to someone in this yoga, he will suffer loss.

thunderbolt yoga
Vehicles etc. are not bought in this yoga, otherwise it may cause loss or accident. In this yoga, gold is stolen when bought and if the cloth is bought, it soon gets torn or gets spoiled.

lapse sum
Loss is caused by the work done in this yoga. Even if you do good to someone, it will be bad for you or him.

circumference sum
In this yoga, success is achieved in the work done against the enemy, that is, victory over the enemy is definitely achieved.

legitimacy sum
This yoga is good for stationary work, but if you have to do any running work or traveling etc., then it should not be done in this yoga.

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