Immunotherapy: the revolution is underway in the face of cancer

DECRYPTION – This is a paradigm shift: this treatment does not seek to destroy the tumor, but helps the body to fight it.

Chemotherapy is a bit like the atomic bomb of cancerology: it seeks to kill cancer cells but, like any weapon of mass destruction, it causes collateral damage to healthy tissues in the process: body hair, hair, nails and skin are particularly attacked by these powerful products. Not to mention the battered digestive system, with the appearance of nausea and vomiting.

Immunotherapy does not attack the cancer, but rearms the body to fight its tumor on its own. “Normally, the immune system is able to recognize precancerous and cancerous cells and kill them. But they can sometimes acquire new properties which allow them to numb these defenses. The strategy consists of awakening the immune system, in particular stimulating T lymphocytes, white blood cells which can then destroy cancer cells ”, explains Prof. Marie Wislez, pneumo-oncologist, chief

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