Impulse phobia: when the fear of committing the irreparable invades us

PSYCHOLOGY – Driving into a wall, throwing your baby out the window, pushing someone under the metro … Mental images of violent acts that we will never commit sometimes impose themselves on us. But for some, it can become a painful obsession …

Sabrina was just 20 when the nightmare began: she began to imagine that she was going to push her companion in the Loire during their daily walks along the river. “These images imposed themselves on me and frightened me, I no longer dared to approach the edge”, she says. Years later, she had to hide the knives in her house for fear of stabbing someone. “I saw horror scenes in my head, I was terribly angry with myself. I was afraid of being a bad person ”, continues the forties. While searching on the Internet one day, she put her finger on her disorder: “impulse phobia”.

It happens that one is crossed by a violent or murderous thought, devoid of any rationality: for example, a motorist will imagine himself driving in the left lane to fit into the car opposite or into a wall. This type of fleeting thought arises episodically without being of consequence. However, some people

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