In 2022, heat records but not enough rain

Posted Jan 6, 2023, 1:51 PMUpdated on Jan 6, 2023 at 2:27 PM

The latest statistics converged on this result and Météo-France has just confirmed it this Friday: the year 2022 has been the hottest ever recorded in France since the start of temperature readings in 1900. According to data from the establishment public, over the whole year, the temperature thus reached 14.5°C on average in France. “2022 therefore ranks very far ahead of 2020, which until now held the record, with 14.07°C”, adds the institute. Météo-France confirms that this is indeed a record year, “a symptom of climate change”.

According to him, all the administrative regions of the country are concerned by this record, except in Île-de-France, which ranks in 2nd position compared to 1947, another record year taken as a reference in this geographical analysis of temperature.

Another indication given by the agency’s balance sheet: in France, the hottest years are mostly very recent years. “8 of the 10 hottest years since the beginning of the 20th century are after 2010”, analyzes Météo-France.

The lack of rain, another record

With a record rainfall deficit of 25%, 2022 was also exceptionally dry. The year therefore ranks “in 2nd place among the least rainy years (since the start of the measurements in 1959), almost tied with 1989”, specifies the institute, which will confirm this data at the end of the month. All the departments of France were affected by this lack of precipitation, with a deficit of between 10% and 40%.

The months with the most rain shortage in 2022 were May, with a 60% rain deficit, then July, with an 85% deficit. According to the meteorological agency, this statistic had never been recorded across mainland France since the start of measurements in 1959.

Cascading heat waves

In its report, Météo-France also lists the strongest heat waves of the year 2022. Thus, three heat waves affected France last summer, the first in June. With many heat records broken. “For example, we measured the earliest 40°C ever recorded with more than 40°C in Saint-Jean-de-Minervois (34) on June 16. Never before has such heat been observed so early in the season in mainland France,” the agency explains.

Over the whole of the summer, a record number of 33 days of heat waves were recorded. It was the summer of 1983 that held the previous record with 23 days, ahead of 22 days in 2003. “, emphasizes the institute.

Europe-wide, France’s record is no exception in 2022. Many other countries also recorded their hottest year last year. This was the case for Spain (the hottest year since 1916), Germany (the hottest year since 1881), Ireland (the hottest year since 1900), or even Belgium (the warmest tied with 2020, since 1833).

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