In Antarctica, five weeks with the scientific expedition, aboard the sailboat Tara

GREAT REPORT – We were able to board Tara, the legendary scientific sailboat, during an expedition to the Weddell Sea. A journey in the wake of Darwin and Shackleton in the last natural sanctuary on the planet, untouched by all sovereignty, in the name of science and scientific exploration.

Everything that remains unknown, in this world of ours, remains a burden that weighs on the minds of all men…” A thud, like thunder, interrupts our reading of Roald Amundsen. Our hull hit an obstacle. The story of the first man to reach the South Pole, on December 14, 1911, will have to wait: gigantic cliffs of ice appear behind the plexiglass dome that covers the main living area of ​​our sailboat. We spin on the bridge where the sailors on the lookout help to guide the ship weaving between icebergs which ambushed us and on which some sea lions bask. To starboard, the walls of the giant tabular exceed 30 meters from the masts of our schooner. Next to it, the other massive blocks of ice that surround us pass for vulgar ice cubes. “They don’t look big, but the smallest of them is heavier than us, indicates, at the helm, the captain of the Martin expedition…

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