In Bordeaux, the very first center dedicated to endometriosis

REPORTAGE – The Institute specializing in this often poorly managed pathology aims to operate 900 patients per year.


The door to the operating room opens onto Prof. Horace Roman and his team. Red cap on her head, 3D glasses on her nose, the surgeon operates on Sarah’s severe endometriosis lesions. This 26 year old nurse has always felt “Very strong pains” during her period. On her days off, she doesn’t arrive “To do nothing”. Due to nodules in the vagina and rectum, it passes “Hours in the toilet”, knows sex “painful” and try, when she’s at work, to “Not to complain” of this handicap “Who cannot be seen”.

Sarah is far from being an exception: in France, endometriosis affects 10% of women, to varying degrees. In them, fragments of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus develop outside the uterus and, during their period, microhemorrhages occur in the lesions, with the onset of an inflammatory reaction that causes pain. Certain lesions infiltrate organs of the pelvis (vagina,

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