In Charente, anger is mounting against a wind farm project

STORY –No less than 110 masts must be erected in the department, arousing the concerns of residents and the mobilization of a collective of opponents. An appeal was filed with the Bordeaux Court of Appeal.

The 2.5-fold increase in wind power generation capacity by 2028 is taking shape in the French countryside. Until then preserved, the Charente is experiencing a flood of projects in this area. In the north of this rural department, far from the Cognac vineyards, more than a hundred masts must be installed.

Within a radius of 20 kilometers around the town of Hiesse, no less than 110 wind turbines must be erected, indignant Alain Van Kote, representative of the Pressac environment collective.We are very worried about the repercussions of the installation of all these wind turbines on the balance of our ecosystem. This territory with poor lands was very well preserved, there are still hedges and remarkable monuments which attract tourists ”, adds the head of this association which brings together around a hundred opponents of the green energy production system.

Among the issues in dispute is the lack of exemption requests for protected species.

Alain Van Kote, representative of the Pressac environment collective

Authorized on March 4, 2019 by the public authorities, the project is suspended because it is the subject of

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