In Europe, two months of precipitation in 48 hours

DECRYPTION – The duration and extent of this depressive episode, which caused bad weather in the North, is quite remarkable.

This at least gloomy start to summer, if not completely “rotten”, turned into a tragedy in parts of Western Europe. But what happened meteorologically? “Usually, at the start of summer, the Azores high pressure rises towards France and this area of ​​high pressure brings calm and stable weather. But this year, that was not the case, the anticyclone remained in its place ”, notes Cyrille Duchesne, meteorologist from La Chaîne Météo *. A weather anomaly difficult to explain.

Anyway, like “Another anticyclone landed over Eastern Europe (the weather was nice and warm in Scandinavia), the depressions that we saw passing in Western Europe remained stuck between these two anticyclones ”, he adds.

For more than three weeks therefore, these depressions have been moving smoothly in this zone, with an increase in the phenomena of “Cold drops, those pockets of cold high altitude air” that lead to conflicts

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