In France, the century promises us heat waves, erosion and storms

DECRYPTION – One thing has been taken for granted: extreme weather events will become more frequent and more likely due to global warming, including in Europe.

With more than 200 victims, Europe, especially Germany, paid a heavy price for the monster floods in mid-July. In northern France, two months of precipitation fell in less than 48 hours. This weekend, Great Britain and Belgium have again paid the price for the anger of the sky. Very quickly, politicians and experts questioned global warming, a link being assessed by the World Weather Attribution. “We test our models by comparing them with observations to find out whether the probability of this event occurring is amplified by climate change”, explains Robert Vautard, member of WWA and director of the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute, specializing in climate science.

Will France have to get used to such violent phenomena? One thing has been taken for granted: such extreme events are becoming more frequent and more likely because of global warming, all over the world, including in Europe. “There’s

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