In Greece, the new golden age of archeology

INVESTIGATION – Some 62 excavation missions are in progress, including some carried out by the French School of Athens. Less famous sections of Hellenic history, vestiges dating from ancient or proto-Byzantine eras, are thus revealed and enhanced thanks to new technologies.

Special envoy to Delphi and Delos

July mornings in Delphi are most peaceful. From dawn, the concert of crickets announces scorching days, the cypress trees flirt with the sky as if they want to compete with the cliffs, and the wandering of wild goats on the rough tops of the green mountains makes you dizzy. Nestled, even embedded in large limestone walls, the archaeological site awakens in this magical landscape. The economic absence of tourist coaches gives a completely different charm, a feeling of returning to the past. Among the rare visitors, some expect to hear, in the distance, the moans of the Oracle, the Pythia, the priestess of ancient Greece who delivered the prophecies of the god Apollo to mortals who came to consult her. Others try to imagine the scene where Oedipus is told by the Pythia that he “Will marry his mother and kill his father” or that of Chéréphon came to receive from the Oracle the confirmation that his friend Socrates was well

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