In Ile-de-France, Covid-19 patients occupy “67% of intensive care beds”, says the Regional Health Agency

“We are at 67% occupancy of intensive care beds by Covid-19 patients”, Aurélien Rousseau, director of the Île-de-France regional health agency, explained Sunday, October 25 to franceinfo, while more than 52,000 new cases are to be deplored Sunday in France. “Until Wednesday, we had a daily average of intensive care admissions of about 35 people”, against “80 to 90 patients with Covid-19” at the end of the week, he noted.

franceinfo: Can we say that the epidemic is racing in the region?

Aurélien Rousseau: We are, as I speak to you, at 67% of occupancy of resuscitation beds by Covid-19 patients. Until Wednesday, we had a daily average of intensive care admissions of about 45 people. And there, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we had between 80 and 90 Covid-19 patients who went into intensive care. So, yes, there is a very strong epidemic dynamic. This epidemic dynamic, which can be seen in the incidence rates and in the positivity of the tests, it now has an extremely heavy consequence on the hospital.

This Sunday evening, the latest figure for the positivity rate was 17% in France. We see that it is increasing day by day?

The positivity rate, which is a very strong indicator, is increasing day by day. In Île-de-France, the average today is 18%. But we have departments in which it is above 20%. It means that one in five people is positive. That is to say the dynamics and the speed of circulation of the virus. It also shows how much, beyond the curfew measures, beyond all the measures that could be decided, it is based on individual choices and the fact that each of us takes care to reduce our social interactions. This is the key to controlling this epidemic.

Do these figures worry you, given the hospital capacity in the Île-de-France region?

Health professionals, in hospitals in particular, but also in cities, are focused on increasing our capacities. As I speak, we have 750 patients in intensive care in Île-de-France. We are ready to welcome 1,097 patients by the end of next week, and we will scale up even more. We’re going to have to build on our own strengths, so to speak. These forces are the deprogramming of activities and this deprogramming has serious consequences for patients who were waiting for operations. The deprogramming covered about 20% of the planned activities. But I asked the establishments to go further because, as we saw this weekend, we had accelerations and arrivals in intensive care units. We have to prepare for this wave of intensive care arrivals. The goal is for our regional hospital system, which is fully pooled to deal with this, to be ready and to have a little margin. So the goal is not at all to deprogram and have empty beds for several days in a row. The goal is to create a margin to deal with this epidemic dynamic which, I repeat, has accelerated in the last days.

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