IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Ukraine: faced with the Russian attack, the inhabitants forced to hide or flee the cities

The Russian noose is tightening around Kiev. The armed forces of Moscow penetrated deeply into Ukraine, twenty-four hours after the start of the offensive. Since Thursday, February 24, the assaults have left at least 137 dead on the Ukrainian side and displaced 100,000 people in the country and thousands abroad.

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Faced with Russian attacks, Ukrainian civilians try to protect themselves by taking cover from bombs or fleeing the country. Exchanges of fire and explosions were reported in the Obolon district, in the north of the capital, on Friday morning, while several deaf detonations were also heard from the city center of the capital. Franceinfo returns in images to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Air raids on Kiev

On the second day of the Russian attack, deadly fighting reached the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, where explosions were heard early Friday.

A Ukrainian firefighter walks between fragments of a downed plane in Kiev, Ukraine, February 25, 2022. (OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK /AP / SIPA)

Since Thursday, sirens announcing air raids have been sounding in Kiev, where a plane was shot down on Friday morning. The aircraft, not yet identified, crashed into a house. Rocket fire also targets Kiev, where residents find remains of the projectile.

Residents take photos of the remains of a rocket in a residential area of ​​Kiev on February 25, 2022. (GENYA SAVILOV / AFP)

Bombed out homes

The bombings have affected several cities in Ukraine since Thursday morning. Like here in Chuhuiv, in the east of the country, where homes were destroyed by Russian fire.

A man sits in front of his building destroyed after shelling on the town of Chuhuiv in eastern Ukraine on February 24, 2022. (ARIS MESSINIS / AFP)

In the bon the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, Koshytsa Street, the Russian bombardments hit a residential building, on the night of Thursday to Friday.

Firefighters try to put out a fire in the suburbs of Kiev, on the second day of the Russian attack, on February 25, 2022. (UKRAINE EMERGENCY MINISTRY / HAN / ANADOLU AGENCY / AFP)

Extensive damage in Koshytsa street, in the suburbs of Kiev, on February 25, 2022. (GENYA SAVILOV / AFP)

Residents taking refuge in the metro

Since Thursday, Ukrainians have been trying by all means to take shelter, to the rhythm of the sirens that sound in the cities targeted by the Russian army.

People take refuge in a metro station in Kiev, Ukraine, on February 24, 2022. (VIACHESLAV RATYNSKYI / ANADOLU AGENCY / AFP)

In the capital, corridors and metro stations have become bomb shelters, where many residents have spent the night.

Families took refuge in the Kiev metro on February 24, 2022. (EMILIO MORENATTI / AP / SIPA)

Others hidden in air-raid shelters

The government has urged residents to take shelter wherever they are.

An air-raid shelter in Kiev in the early hours of February 25, 2022. (SERGEI CHUZAVKOV / AFP)

Some took refuge in one of the air-raid shelters, like here in Kiev, in the early hours of Friday. Others took shelter in the basements of schools or buildings.

The basement of a school serves as an overnight shelter in Kyiv, February 24, 2022. (MAXPPP)

Residents took refuge in the basement of a building in the Ukrainian capital on February 25, 2022.   (EMILIO MORENATTI / AP / SIPA)

Thousands of displaced

The first exoduses began on Thursday. ATAt least 100,000 people have already been displaced in the country. Service stations were stormed before the exodus to the border.

Thousands of Ukrainians try to leave Kiev by car on February 24, 2022. (EMILIO MORENATTI / AP / SIPA)

Vehicles line up for fuel at a gas station in Kiev, Ukraine, February 24, 2022. (STRINGER/SPUTNIK/SIPA)

Others took the train or bus to flee, sometimes to neighboring Poland.

Ukrainians wait for the train to flee abroad at the train station in Lviv, Ukraine, February 24, 2022. (KUNIHIKO MIURA / AP / SIPA)

Kiev residents try to leave the city by bus on February 24, 2022. (EMILIO MORENATTI / AP / SIPA)

From the first Russian military attacks in the Donbass, many Ukrainians also rushed to withdraw cash.

Ukrainians wait outside an ATM to withdraw cash in Lviv, western Ukraine, February 24, 2022. (KUNIHIKO MIURA / AP / SIPA)

The deserted capital gives way to the army

While the capital is emptying of its inhabitants, the Ukrainian soldiers take possession of the premises. Like here in the city center.

Ukrainian military vehicles drive past Independence Square in central Kiev on February 24, 2022.   (DANIEL LEAL / AFP)

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