In Israel, 40% of vaccinated among the new infections: is it a failure?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – For the most skeptical of vaccines, certain epidemiological data revealed by the Hebrew state would justify their doubts when the variant has appeared there.

THE QUESTION. Some politicians are the heralds of skepticism with regard to vaccination, but, behind these public figures like Florian Philippot or François Asselineau, there are in fact thousands of Internet users and even more French people who continue to doubt it. efficacy and safety of vaccines against Covid-19.

Recently, the president of the sovereignist party Les Patriotes said on Twitter, commenting on an article in the Israeli channel i24 News: “40% of newly infected are vaccinated, according to the former Israeli director general of health! We continue headlong to rush towards the all-vaccine or we think, we calm down and we finally authorize the treatments ?!“On the same social network, an Internet user wonders:”The excuse regarding the percentage of vaccinated people infected in UK [Royaume-Uni, NDLR] was that the vaccine used was AstraZeneca, what are we going to say about Israel where we used exclusively Pfizer?“. One way or another, are these reactions of doubt justified?

CHECKS. The information as such is accurate. “40% of new cases are people vaccinated, which means the variant is highly contagious (…) We are not worried,

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