In Limoges, cork incorporated into the bitumen to reduce traffic noise


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Noise pollution at the edge of busy roads degrades the quality of life of residents. In Limoges, a new device is being tested to reduce vehicle noise. #IlsOntLaSolution

The noise of cars can ruin the lives of residents near busy roads. On the road to Limoges, a very busy road in Haute-Vienne, a new material is currently being tested to reduce decibels. This is cork. “The idea is to make a more or less classic mix and incorporate around 1% cork inside”, explains Yoann Feix, works supervisor at Colas.

According to the metropolis and the University of Limoges, this new coating would reduce road noise. But in what proportion? “Basically, it’s a sound and thermal insulator, so the idea was to see if we could already integrate it into the asphalt. Then secondly, to see that it could be the efficiency on the noise “, says Patrick Tardieux, director of technical studies at Limoges Métropole.

Sound level meters have been installed to measure the benefit of mixing, which leads to an additional cost of 50% when repairing a road.

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