In Marseille, Emmanuel Macron is committed to the environment

In a meeting in Marseille as part of the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron made this Saturday, April 16 a large place for his proposals in terms of the environment. He promised that if he was re-elected, his Prime Minister would be “directly responsible for ecological planning” in order to go “twice as fast” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In front of a few thousand people, he promised a “full renewal” of its policy on the matter, saying that it has ” heard “ the message of the first round where the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon, cantor of ecological planning, created the surprise.

Five years for ecology

“The policy that I will pursue in the next five years will be ecological or it will not be”, launched Emmanuel Macron. The prime minister will be “supported by two strong ministers, the Minister of Energy Planning”who “will have the mission of making France the first major nation to get out of oil, gas and coal”and a minister “responsible for territorial ecological planning” who will work for “changing the way we move on a daily basis”, “reinvest in river and rail freight”, “accelerate the renovation of housing, at least 700,000 per year over the next five years”or “acting for the quality of water, air and food”.

The outgoing president has defended his environmental record. He cited a number of projects that have been stopped for the sake of protecting nature: Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Europacity, the Golden Mountain in Guyana, Terminal 4 at Roissy.

The far right accused of being “climatosceptic”

He also praised his action in terms of reducing CO2 emissions: “We went twice as fast as during the two previous five years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have reduced them by 12% in five years”he pointed out.

“But what the Giec has told us again is that it’s not enough, we have to go twice as fast. You know what ? We will do it “he added.

He made a series of proposals concerning the environment, such as organizing a nature festival every year “on the model of the music festival” or to set up, within the school framework, courses dedicated to education in sustainable development. He said he wanted to build a “great ecological nation” and attacked frontally the extreme right of Marine Le Pen, accused of being “climatosceptic”. He thus recalled that his opponent wanted “destroy the wind turbines”when he aims to build one.


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