“In ten or twenty years, we will die of infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics”

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – Scientist Edith Heard heads the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, whose 1,800 employees are dedicated to unraveling the secrets of living things.

By Manuel Ansede (El Pais)

At the age of fifty-six, Edith Heard spoke of her youth with a smile. Born and raised in London, she began school, however, at the age of five, not speaking “Not a word of English” : until then, she has indeed learned Greek, her mother’s language. Amazed by the vastness of the cosmos and determined to become an astronomer, she entered Cambridge University at the age of eighteen without ever having taken any biology course. She buys a book to catch up and thinks she is hallucinating: “I discovered everything for the first time. I saw pictures of narcotic cells. And there: eureka! I realized that I didn’t want to study physics, but biology. I made my decision in literally thirty seconds. “ The vocation of a lifetime, transformed in less than a minute.

This British woman who spoke no English at five and had never seen a cell at eighteen is today

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