In the Allier, future gendarmes and young delinquents march together to fight against prejudices


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They come from two universes that everything opposes. On the one hand, teenagers who repeat offenders involved in drug trafficking or violent thefts. On the other, future volunteer assistant gendarmes in training at the National Gendarmerie school in Montluçon. Together, they walked for a walk in the middle of nature to overcome prejudices. #IlsOntLaSolution

It is an unprecedented exercise in their training as a future gendarme. At the National Gendarmerie school in Montluçon, these future members of the police welcomed a group of teenagers placed in a closed educational center for a day. “It is important to show how we work, the training we have, how we live in barracks, solidarity. We are full citizens and we are here to defend our country and its people“, specifies Dama, volunteer assistant gendarme.

Between the incarnation of authority and the rejection of it, their radically opposed lives will tie together for a stroll of a few hours in the countryside. A daring bet which, over the miles, will prove to be wise. “We talked about everything and nothing. And how it was in our school. It was above all them who were interested in that and asked us questions about it“, says Elisa, future gendarme.

For these minors convicted of drug trafficking or theft with violence, this day arouses the desire to find a better path. “I miss the freedom. But it’s okay, I have a month left, and I’m going to do an apprenticeship. I would like to cook and work in a restaurant. It makes you want to succeed“. The supervisors of the closed educational center and the gendarmerie school are already planning other common outings. Always with the same objective: to break prejudices and why not, without necessarily creating vocations, perhaps to change the future of these youth.

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