In the courtroom, “the theatrical side, I don’t approve of it”

The hearing days go by and the victims hang on, carried away in this long crossing. 106 days already, when the court bell rang at midday, before the Assize Court plunged meticulously for several hours into the details of the case of the November 13 attacks, and into the souls of the accused.

Lynda, survivor of the Bataclan that The cross has been following since the first day of the trial, has not picked up. It’s a long process. We were in the trough of the wave in recent weeks, but here we are approaching the end, ” she slides on the pale wooden benches of the courtroom.

The 41-year-old lawyer had to take leave to be able to attend the interrogations of the accused last week. For the first time, the latter were heard on the attacks themselves.

If the Belgian Mohamed Abrini was very prolific in saying that he was ” foreseen “ for the attacks but that he had no intention of participating in them, his childhood friend Salah Abdeslam was walled in silence. Before agreeing to give a few words: “I didn’t go all the way, I gave up on putting on my belt, not out of cowardice, not out of fear, but I didn’t want to, that’s all. “The worst-case scenario has happened, notes Lynda. He alternates open provocations and silence. But I no longer expect to get straight answers from this trial. »

Above all, the court released photos and sounds of the Bataclan attack on Friday 1er April. A request that Lynda has always made. “I really needed it. » To complete the puzzle of this night of horror. Lying on her stomach in the pit, she saw nothing before leaving the theater.

She would have preferred more material to be shown at the hearing but was delighted with this broadcast and was surprised to achieve mastery [s] are emotions”an epitoge (strip of fabric) ermine of a lawyer in the hand, as a security blanket. “During the sound recordings, I looked at the dock to see how those who were in my field of vision were behaving, I had the feeling of reading a certain gravity. »

The heart of the case is being explored these days, but the last few weeks may have been long. In particular because the Covid has hit a large part of the accused’s box, repeatedly leading to one-week postponements. “These cuts made me lose my rhythm. Sometimes, I turned on the Internet radio for five to ten minutes then I cut. I realized it was a load to listen to. »

But also because several incidents punctuated the hearing. On March 15, Lynda heard on the web radio, from her home in Le Havre, the “sound of clothes crumpling and people getting up”. It is the defense lawyers who leave the room, because civil parties applauded ironically during a very tense interrogation of Salah Abdeslam. “The lawyers made an Adèle Haenel, ‘We get up, we break!’ This is a totally inappropriate attitude on the part of legal professionals. I knew there was a theatrical side to the trials, but I don’t approve of it.. »

Those “casual attitudes”she also sometimes finds them in the cubicle. “I feel like I’m listening to a second-class correctional trial. The defendants look so detachedshe is moved. There is also a lot of navel-gazing, they bring back a lot to their experience, to their conditions of detention. »

Words and attitudes that can offend. “A defense attorney said ‘audience applause.’ We are nevertheless parts (she insists on this word) civil, even if they are secondary in a criminal trial. We sometimes have the feeling of being dolls, as if we should remain lined up on the benches without making noise, and rejoice that we have been authorized to be present. »

Several victims have expressed on social networks their desire to walk away from the trial. Has Lynda thought about it? “I wouldn’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind. (she smiles), but I don’t like to give up. There would be a form of regret. » Hold on, at all costs, because the judicial time can participate in the repair. Unless further postponed, the verdict must fall at the end of June, in the first days of summer (read the marks). Outside the palace, the four seasons will have paraded.


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