In the ear of Depardieu

Gérard Depardieu was the only guest of “La grande bookstore”, Wednesday evening, to talk about his readings, his favorite authors, even those who give him pimples. The pretext: he plays Superintendent Maigret in a film by Patrice Leconte inspired by a novel by Simenon. It was a bit crazy, while being rather nice, even if, in the end, we are not sure to have retained much. Depardieu, what. At one point, he confided that, for some time, his lines had been whispered to him in an earpiece, when he played at the theater or in the cinema, which allowed him, he said, to better concentrate on his partners. . And there, suddenly, I had a flash. I wondered if Depardieu, since the start of the show, was not wearing a headset. If someone, in management, did not prompt him with his answers to François Busnel’s questions. Starting with this long tirade ofWe do not play with love, by Musset, recited in one go. But also everything else. For example, when he confided that his lines were whispered to him in an earpiece to better concentrate on his partners, wasn’t someone telling him in the earpiece that his lines were whispered to him? in a headset to better focus on your partners? Suddenly, the show became dizzying: what if the guy who was talking in the headset also had a headset?


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