In the Mediterranean, Europe wants to raise the level of protection of marine areas

The marine protected area of ​​Cap-Roux, near Saint-Raphaël, in the Var. Sylvain Roblet

SURVEY – Due to lack of appropriate management, some sanctuaries, such as that of Samaria, in Crete, are struggling to repopulate.

Special Envoy to Samaria (Greece)

To catch as many fish as his father forty years ago, George Parakis must throw “ten times the net length” in the transparent water of the marine reserve of Samaria, in the south-west of Crete. “Everything has changed, only the water is the same”sighs the fisherman who is, at 32, the youngest in the port of Chora Sfakion.

With a heartbroken smile, he admits having more and more difficulty living decently from his profession and says to himself “very pessimistic” for the future. Overfishing harms coastal species, and the red mullet, octopus, sea bream that the Greeks eat for lunch and dinner tend to disappear. In storefront, the island’s diving clubs display the promise of exceptional underwater landscapes.

“Paper area”

“We have caves, reefs and extraordinary visibility up to 50 meters, but the life is less and less richsays Costas Milonakis, boat captain and diving instructor. Last year, we happened to…

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