In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the increase in the material endowment of deputies is controversial

Annoyance, incomprehension and sometimes even anger is expressed among some of the members of the National Assembly who have discovered, in recent days, the 15% increase in the “material endowment of deputies”. The envelope thus passes de 18,950 euros per year to almost 21,800 euros, ie an increase of approximately 2,850 euros. This decision by the Quaestors of the Palais Bourbon, taken on January 14 in the midst of the economic crisis linked to Covid-19, is very unwelcome, believe some elected officials.

Several deputies were concerned about this unfortunate timing during the meeting of the group La République en Marche. They recall that most of them use barely more than half of this endowment. Very rare are those who exceed the current ceiling according to the deputy LR Marie-Christine Dalloz: “The French, in the times we know, also need to be exemplary, that we impose a certain rigor in public management, that is what I denounce.” Swelling endowment is all the less understandable, says Marie-Christine Dalloz, that the taxi costs that it is notably supposed to cover have inevitably decreased this year, confinement requires.

But for those who decided on this increase – three deputies including one in opposition – it is precisely this period of health crisis that justifies the increase. During confinement and then curfew, no more meetings, more drinks, less travel. Elected officials therefore send more letters and must also buy computers from their employees who work from home.

The Palais Bourbon also specifies that the endowment is not paid directly to deputies but that it is a maximum expenditure ceiling. Refunds are made on presentation of expense reports. As for the sobriety of the National Assembly, it has been real since 2017, defends the deputy La République en Marche Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas: “We have increased our use of mail. Likewise, this envelope can be used to hire and pay employees. It cannot be said to be indecent.”

The National Assembly has also saved 55 million euros since 2017. Despite this effort, the controversy over the increase in the allocation of deputies shows that the subject of the lifestyle of the Palais Bourbon remains a little more delicate. one year from the next legislative elections.

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