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Increase in creatinine level is a danger sign for the body, do normal through a few measures at home

Creatinine is a chemical waste product in the body. The kidneys filter creatinine out of the blood and finally excrete it through urine. However, sometimes, the level of creatinine increases in the body and is a sign of a health problem. High creatinine level indicates that your kidney is not functioning properly.

Uncontrollable creatinine levels can also be a sign of kidney disease. Kidney helps in filtering and controlling creatinine level in the body. Creatinine levels vary from person to person due to age, sex, high protein intake and body size. To maintain good health and control of creatinine level, make sure that the kidney continues to function properly.

Being above the creatinine level means the need for a health checkup at the earliest. Otherwise, it can be a possible cause of kidney disease. The creatinine level in the blood is detected by a test called the serum creatinine test. In some cases, medication and therapy are recommended if the creatinine level increases. In addition, many home remedies and dietary changes can also be included.

Reduce protein intake

Protein is an important nutrient in many functions of the body. However, more protein can increase the creatinine level in the body and will not be recognized. Certain foods rich in protein are at greater risk of increasing creatinine levels. Reductions in the intake of red meat and dairy sources may be helpful.

Increase fiber intake

Fiber that helps in digestion is an important nutrient. It can also help in balancing the body by removing creatinine. Several research has revealed that excessive use of fiber can reduce creatinine levels. Fiber is found in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes and lentils.

You stay hydrated

Dehydration or drinking less water during the day can increase the creatinine level. Talking to a nutritional dietitian will make the difference by adding more hydrating foods and drinks in the diet. Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Reduce salt intake

Using too much salt is a major cause of high blood pressure, which can cause kidney problems. Therefore, overcoming salt intake during the day is a great way to reduce creatinine levels naturally.

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