Indian Wells: Rafael Nadal wants tougher penalties for bloodshed by players like Alexander Zverev in Acapulco

The Spaniard is following in the footsteps of other figures in world tennis, such as Serena Williams, shocked by the attitude of Alexander Zverev at the end of February.

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Two weeks later, the exclusion of Alexander Zverev, who violently hit the referee’s chair with his racket while uttering insults at Acapulco, continues to feed the tennis news. Thursday, March 10, it was Rafael Nadal’s turn to take a stand, just before entering the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells.

If we are not able to control this type of behavior on the court or find a way to sanction it in a stronger way, then we players can have a feeling of impunity. (…) JI would like to see harsher penalties for this kind of behavior, because it will protect the sport, the officials and everyone present at a match“, supported the Spaniard who kept reminding that he maintained”a good relationship” with the German.

On Tuesday, the ATP inflicted an eight-week suspension from all competitions and a fine of $25,000 (23,000 euros), suspended, with a probationary period ending on February 22, 2023, one year after the incident. A less severe sanction than the first which had been pronounced (fine of 40,000 dollars, withdrawal of winnings and points gleaned in Acapulco).

The ATP has been criticized by personalities like Serena Williams, for the leniency she has shown towards the German, world No. 3, who will therefore be in contention in Indian Wells. “I would be in jail if I acted like Zverev“, thundered the American to CNN. The Tokyo Olympic champion had request forgiveness“, claiming on Instagram to have “privately apologized to the chair umpire” after his fit of anger”unacceptable“.

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