INFO FRANCEINFO. Assault near the Eiffel Tower: open judicial investigation for willful racist violence

The two women who were in police custody in this case are brought before a judge on Wednesday.

The Paris prosecutor’s office opens a judicial investigation for willful violence with a weapon, in a meeting and of a racist nature, after the assault knife of two women near the Eiffel Tower on Sunday October 18, franceinfo learned from the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday October 21, 2020.

According to their complaint, which franceinfo was able to consult, they were walking with their family, with children when a dog arrived, scaring the little ones, they then asked the owners of the animal to keep it on a leash. To the investigators, the women tell that the tone very quickly rose with the two owners who called them “dirty Arabs”, have designated their veil of “thing on the head”, and told them: “go home”.

According to the complaint, the owners of the dog, women, then approached to stab one of the walkers three times, in particular hit in the skull, and six stab wounds on her cousin, who notably had the perforated lung. The intervention of street vendors stopped the attack. A first suspect was arrested by the police soon after the fact, the second was arrested Tuesday, October 20.

In this case, an investigation was first opened without the racist character being retained. The press release from the Paris police headquarters released on Tuesday spoke only of a “dispute over a dog”. The Paris prosecutor’s office now believes that the assault has a link with the religion or the origin of the two victims. Numerous messages posted on social media in recent days claimed that the assault was linked to the victims being Muslim and veiled.

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