INFO FRANCEINFO. The ephemeral Parisian terraces will become permanent every summer from March 15 to October 15

The ephemeral terraces, authorized and free since March 2020 for Parisian restaurateurs and bars in Paris, will become paid summer terraces from September 30, said Sunday June 6 on franceinfo Franck Delvaux, the president of the Union of trades and hospitality industries Paris-Île-de-France (UMIH), while the mayor of Paris presents Monday, June 7 its reform of the RET, regulation of shelves and terraces. These summer terraces will be authorized from March 15 to October 15 and will close at 10 p.m.

franceinfo: The Paris City Hall has made terraces and ephemeral terraces free from March 2020. What will become of them?

Franck Delvaux: These ephemeral terraces will no longer be called ephemeral, but summer, since one of the announcements will be the perpetuation of these terraces for this year and the following years. We have been negotiating for many weeks, even months, with the Paris City Hall. We can say that we arrive at a result that fully satisfies us. There was a need to regulate them. If we wanted to perpetuate them so that they became summer terraces, at one point a regulation was needed for there to be harmonization. They will henceforth be chargeable. But here too, we made a lot of progress in our negotiations.

“We have obtained that both for the summer terraces, but also the so-called historic terraces, there is an exemption from duties until September 30, which will allow the profession to work all summer with rights it’s free. “

Franck Delvaux, President of UMIH Paris-Île-de-France

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So you will be able to build up a cash flow so that you can then pay your patio fees?

This will allow us to spend this summer in a peaceful way and to see from September what it will give. The difficulty for our professions, it will be the start of the new school year. We don’t know what will be in September.

What you were proposing was also to regulate these ephemeral terraces in terms of noise pollution. Will they close earlier than conventional terraces?

The summer terraces will close at 10 p.m. Here too, in our meetings with the Paris City Hall, but also with local residents’ associations, we had a dialogue. This is what makes us achieve the sustainability of these terraces.

“Today when you move around Paris, the terraces are full. It’s really the art of living. That’s what brings tourists to Paris.”

Franck Delvaux, President of UMIH Paris-Île-de-France

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Have these terraces been a boon for certain establishments to be able to extend their terraces in Paris?

Yes quite. We opened on May 19 only with the terraces. Some could only fit three or four tables. With these summer terraces, they were able to have more tables, larger terraces and were able to work.

Paying for your ephemeral terrace, will that be an additional cost for some restaurateurs? Will some have to abandon them?

Maybe some will abandon them. But the way we set up the operation of these summer terraces is interesting. The restaurateur will have several options. There may perhaps be a terrace that will be on the parking spaces, but also what we can call a counter-terrace, between two trees. He will also be able to put tables next to him. If, for example, it’s a hairdresser who closes at 7 p.m., if the hairdresser agrees, he can put a few tables in front. So the price will not always be the same. This will even allow, when we do not have a terrace, to be able to exploit during the summer.

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