INFO FRANCEINFO. The possibilities of installing wind turbines are now greatly reduced at the request of the Ministry of the Armed Forces

To install wind turbines within 70 kilometers of a military radar, the authorization of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

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New regulations will limit the installation of wind turbines within a radius of 70 kilometers around military radars, Franceinfo learned in an instruction document from the Ministry of the Armed Forces dated June 16, which comes into force on June 18. For defenders of wind power, this is a moratorium that does not bear his name, the area allowing the installation of wind turbines being de facto greatly reduced.

This file has just been arbitrated by Matignon for the benefit of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. It was indeed the subject of a pass of arms between the Minister of the Armed Forces who advanced arguments related to security and the Ministry of Ecological Transition which must meet the objectives of deployment of wind turbines. Barbara Pompilli was worried about it in a letter sent to her colleague in the Armed Forces dated May 25 that Franceinfo was able to consult. She recalled that the government’s objective was to double the onshore wind farm in seven years.

This regulatory change is the result of the evolution of a circular of 2018. The buffer zone, which currently covers a radius of 30 kilometers around military radars, has been extended to a radius of 70 kilometers. Within this zone, wind power projects will be subject to authorization from the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Its services will study the arrangement of wind turbines in relation to radars, the nature of the relief and the “feasibility of the project with regard to the inconvenience caused to the radar as well as the national security requirements in terms of a permanent security posture”, indicates the instruction document. According to the army, wind turbines can indeed jam the radar signal, for example by preventing it from detecting an aircraft passing behind a field of wind turbines.

Wind projects beyond 70 kilometers from any military radar will be authorized, specifies the instruction document. Wind projects within five kilometers of a radar remain prohibited.

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