INFOGRAPHICS. Covid-19: the decline continues in the hospital, the incidence rate drops below 400 in Paris and in the Oise

Figures that bring hope. The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care services continued to decline, Saturday, May 1, for the fifth consecutive day, according to figures from Public Health France. Critical care services now have 5,581 patients, up from 5,675 the day before and 5,958 a week earlier.

Evolution of the number of patients in intensive care and intensive care, according to data from Public Health France.  (FRANCEINFO)

The total number of Covid patients at the hospital also continued to decline, to 28,603 against 28,930 the day before and 30,100 patients the previous Saturday. With 195 additional deaths from Covid in hospital in the past 24 hours, the total death toll now stands at 104,706 since the start of the epidemic.

The number of new cases is also continuing its downward trend. About 24,000 positive cases have been recorded daily on average over the past seven days, up from nearly 40,000 a month ago.

Evolution of the number of new cases in France, according to data from Public Health France.  (FRANCEINFO)

The national incidence rate is now 268 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. There are only six departments left affected by a rate greater than 400 cases: Seine-Saint-Denis (461), Val-de-Marne (450), Val-d’Oise (441), Bouches-du -Rhône (412), Seine-et-Marne (405) and Essonne (403). The Oise and Paris have passed under this bar which will condition the next stages of deconfinement.

According to data for April 30, France has now passed the 10% of its population having received its two doses (or the single dose of the Janssen vaccine), i.e. 6.77 million people vaccinated. In addition, 13.3% of people received a first injection, or 8.83 million more people. On average, over the past seven days, nearly 248,000 people received their first injection each day.

Evolution of the number of first injections of anti-Covid vaccines, according to data from Public Health France.  (FRANCEINFO)

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