Instead of giving up drinking tea, make it more healthy

Tea is widely used in India. It is common to have at least two cups of tea a day. There are many logics and beliefs hidden behind tea. Some people say to stay away from tea due to health problems. On the other hand other people believe that tea can help in maintaining our health. In the midst of all this, there is also a third class which considers caffeine as the reason behind headaches, sleep disturbances and anxiety.

To overcome the dilemma over tea, expert Luke Coutinho has given some tips. They say that you can make tea healthy in these ways. He said his intake is to keep it simple for him and not to overdo it. To help you, he has posted some tips on Instagram.

Tips to make tea healthy
Leaves- Always use good quality tea leaves. Although it may be found expensive in the market, but it tastes better and is beneficial for our health.

lactose insensitivity- If milk causes flatulence or is allergic to lactose, then we can opt for natural milk over packaged milk. If even that does not help us, then stay away from milk and use black tea.
Artificial sweeteners- Instead of using artificial sweeteners, use stevia ie sweet basil or natural jaggery instead. Drink this plain to him.

Spices and herbs- To enhance the health benefits of tea, add cloves, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, basil or saffron to the cup.

Time- Luke suggests that we should not drink tea on an empty stomach. It is also not a good idea to use it before going to bed.

Caffeine- If the caffeine in tea is making us more acidic or disturbing our sleep, it is better to skip it. However, we can turn to Tulsi tea which does not contain caffeine.

Other Tips- We can safely continue consuming two cups of tea daily unless the doctor advises otherwise. But if you have made a habit of drinking five or more cups a day, then the time has come to gradually move away from the habit. Other than that, do not boil or drink tea with honey. If we do not have any health problem, then one teaspoon of sugar can be used. But do not consume too much sugar.

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