Insufficient stimulus plans to decarbonize the economy

In Europe or the United States, the tens of billions of “green” disbursed during post-Covid recovery plans will not be enough to sufficiently limit the rise in the thermometer.

Fight against difficult ends of the month while struggling to push back the end of our world. The two are not mutually exclusive. It has even become a goal widely shared across the world. While states seek to restart the economy with massive stimulus plans, the IPCC, the international group of climate experts, recalls the urgency of fighting global warming.

Whether in Europe or in the United States of Joe Biden (who reinstated the Paris climate agreement at the beginning of the year from which Donald Trump had emerged), the massive post-pandemic stimulus plans all have a component therefore to decarbonize our production and consumption methods.

This “green” component reaches a third of the sums disbursed in France on a plan of 100 billion euros and a third also in Europe (ie an envelope of approximately 240 billion). “This is the most important part of a European plan to fight change

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